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Aaban cool customer 94%

Aaban  is committed to providing safe, pure and balanced drinking water to the nation. By adhering to strict international standards and following stringent quality control process, we ensure that every bottle of Aaban water that reaches you is safe, of exceptional quality and of utmost purity.

Filtered and purified

Our water undergoes multiple stages of filtration before passing through our high-tech purification process.

Low in sodium

Health is important. That is why our water is carefully curated to ensure the lowest sodium content possible.

Quality assured

We blend precisely balanced minerals into our water, making it the best choice for both drinking and cooking.


Premium Quality

All of our water range have a Sodium content of only 1 mg/l. Our new 5 Gallon bottle now has the lowest Sodium content in all of UAE

Free & Fast Delivery

We deliver all across UAE. You can place orders for our water range through our E-mail, Toll Free number, WhatsApp number or Online Order.

Strong Team

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to provide great customer service.

Order From Anywhere, We Are Ready To Deliver It Free.

Our Quality

Our water goes through 21-step stringent quality process before it reaches you. We take the best possible care in providing quality drinking water to our clients. Our plant has experienced Q & A Team and in-house laboratory for monitoring and maintaining the plant quality control process and test the product daily. The processes from procurement, to production to delivery, all steps are fully controlled, well defined and highly efficient. We have equipped our laboratory with latest testing instruments for testing physical, chemical along with the microbiological parameters of water.

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